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Janice Cornett-Ching

Janice Cornett-Ching is an accomplished, award-winning painter/artist living and working in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. She excels at Landscapes, Portraits and Animals as well as painting the natural environment around her.

Born in Scotland, she lived in Southampton, England until the age of thrteen. She moved to Calgary before settling in the Okanagan. As a child, she had two paintings chosen to hang in the London Art Gallery for two years. Basically a self-taught artist, Janice inherited her artistic abilities from her father and has created a unique style and excellent reputation as a painter .

can viagra viagra mixedPlease browse the galleries and purchase one for your own enjoyment or perhaps as a gift for another art-lover.

Janice is available to paint a portrait of your family or pet, and will also accept commissions for special projects. She can be contacted by email at janching30@gmail.com or by the phone number below.


Janice Cornett-Ching
Telephone: 250-492-4380
Email: janching30@gmail.com

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